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We print it, cut it, fold it, address it, lick it, stick it and mail it, all under one roof! Don’t spend your valuable time working with and coordinating between a print provider and a separate mailing house, call Alaska Laser Printing and Mailing and let us manage your bulk mail projects. Not only will you save time and hassles, we save you money.

Bulk Printing


CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification

CASS certification is the process of checking the mailing address information in your database and doing a comparison with the USPS database to insure that it is an accurate mailing address. CASS certified mail qualifies for substantial postage discounts because it is eligible for automation bulk mailing rates. You will not only receive a lower postage rate, but your mail will be delivered faster and more accurately.

NCOA (National Change of Address)

Over 43 million American individuals, families, and businesses move each year. Alaska Laser can process and update your mailing list against the NCOA database which contains approximately 160 million change-of-address records filed with the USPS®.

Ink Jet Addressing

What if you could eliminate applying labels to your mailing? Our Inkjet Addressing system sprays directly onto the mail piece. We can spray not only addresses, but barcodes and sales messages too. Inkjetting is fast, cost-effective, and it gives your mailing a personal yet professional look.

Mailing Lists

If you don't already have a mailing list and want help obtaining the right list for your specialized mailing, we will help you select the specific mailing list to match the exact demographic you are trying to reach.

EDDM Mailings

If you'd like to take the leg work out of your mailing marketing endeavers, we offer Every Door Direct Mail as a service. Save time and let us help you reach your target audience at a cost that fits your budget.

Bulk Printing



According to USPS regulations, folded letter-size mail pieces and most self-mailers (pieces not in envelopes) prepared to meet automation standards must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Tabs can be placed on self-mailers inline while the address database is being printed.

Folding and Cutting

It may seem trivial, but folding and/or cutting is an extremely important part of your mailing. An incorrect fold could obscure important information or prevent your piece from fitting into the proper envelope. Save time, money, and energy with our folding and cutting service. Properly folded or cut inserts will fit into smaller envelopes which can help reduce your postage costs. Folding your mailing contents yourself by hand will be a drain on your employee resources and your budget, which is why it is much more cost-effective to let our expert staff and high speed machines do it for you.

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SSAE Type 2 Certified
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